My Journey

Being able to praise God is truly a gift that has been given to me.

I can still recall the experience on my first day attending the church’s youth choir. We were singing ‘For Unto Us a Child is Born’ from Handel’s Messiah, and I enjoyed the song very much, except I was singing the melody, instead of the bass part, that I should have been singing. I remember my Christian brothers, who were sitting next to me, and they kept shaking their heads as I was singing, and I had no clue why they did that!

Following the leading voices of the bass section was my remedy to singing harmony with others, well, until they left high school for college. I still remembered Brother Lin, the choir conductor, as he went over the bass part of ‘Fairest Lord Jesus’ over and over again for weeks until I finally got it.

Through the years of my participation in church music ministries, I’ve conducted choirs, produced music programs, and did solo's for a number of songs. I have no idea how I got here from where I began. All I have been doing is making myself available to God as a work in progress, and He enables me to praise Him and find comfort and strength from the songs.

I am not quite sure how much talent that I have in music, maybe two thousand talents or one thousand. I pray that I will give Him all that I got even if it is merely like “two cents offering from the poor widow.”

Lead me to praise You, my Lord, even if someday I should lose my voice to sing. May You be my tune!!!


Bible inspiration
Isaiah 40: 29,31